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Moots MX Divide 29

Our most advanced mountain bike to date, the MX Divide is a light, appropriately stiff and well-balanced 29” cross-country race and recreation bike that incorporates the best features of today’s proven suspension technology into our own Fusion Link platform.

Frame and Fork Only


Moots Psychlo X

The Psychlo X has been the go-to-machine for Cyclocross for many years and this year it gets some tweaks to take it to the next level of an all-around race, gravel and adventure bike. Not afraid to be ridden on road, in group rides and beyond.
From $4,044.00

Moots Rigormootis

Pure and simple sums up the Rigormootis. A traditional hard tail design with modern day features. For the cross country purist that wants a hassle free no holds barred performance frame ride after ride.

Frame Only Not Including Fork


Moots Rogue YBB 27.5"

The legendary yet subtle YBB is joined to the mid-wheel size platform to bring cross country riding to a new level. For those that are not thrilled or cannot fit onto a 29 platform, we have the perfect answer for your needs.

Just enough travel to take the edge off (1 1/8”) and paired with the 27.5” diameter this is a single track eating machine.

Frame Only Not Including Fork


Moots Vamoots

The classic road styling of the Vamoots, with longer chainstays and a more upright position than the Vamoots CR, give it a silky smooth, all-performance ride, no matter the terrain.
From $4,096.00

Moots Vamoots CR

The Vamoots CR is our answer to the all-around great road machine. This frame can handle anything from the 30-mile after-work spin to the most rugged race schedule you can throw its way.
From $4,096.00

Parlee CX

Bringing the performance and durability of PARLEE's road bikes to the dirt, the CX is the perfect cyclocross machine. The CX is feathery light, sucks up the terrain and dives into tight corners with the flick of a wrist.

Frame and Fork Only


Parlee ESX

One look at the new ESX, and you know what this bike is about. It looks fast. And as the wind-tunnel data proves, it is fast. The most radical design ever created by Parlee took years to develop —and when it comes to performance, we’ll put it up against any other aero road bike on the market.

Every road rider is drawn to the promise of more speed. Ride faster with less effort? Sure, who doesn’t want that? That’s the whole idea behind the “aero road” bike category.

Frame and Fork Only


Parlee TTiR

Building on the success of the TTi, the all-new TTiR represents the most advanced triathlon bike ever built by Parlee. Like its predecessor, this new machine benefits from unique airfoil technologies paired with a ride quality, comfort and precision fit that no other time trial bike in the world can match.

It’s impossible to pinpoint one single factor that makes the TTiR so special. It’s a combination of things. Craftsmanship, aero engineering, athlete testing —each plays a role.

Frame and Fork Only


Parlee Z1

You have ridden the rest. Now you are ready for the best. Cliché? Perhaps. But truth is, we hear that all the time here at Parlee. It means you have done your homework and now are ready to buy the last road bike you’ll ever need. You are ready for a hand-crafted, best-in-class Parlee Z1, the world’s benchmark full-custom carbon road bike.

Frame and Fork Only


Parlee Z3

Honored as Race Bike of the Year by Cycling Weekly Magazine in 2006, the Parlee Z3 shares the same semi-custom architecture and pricing scale as the Z2, but in a sloping geometry format. Never before has a frame of this caliber been available with so many customization and ride tune options.

Frame and Fork Only


Parlee Z5 SLi

When it comes to the current crop of ultra-light frame designs, the Parlee Z5 SL and SLi have defined the perfect balance between ultra-light weight and ultimate performance. A combination of beautifully balanced ride quality and sensibly attained weight savings without the posterior-numbing stiffness found in so many modern race bikes set our flagship stock geometry model apart.